Solo traveling taught me to loved and respect Muslim communities

It’s a muslim country! Don’t go there..

Surely, if you come from a catholic country. It’s very reasonable that most people would give negative criticism about Muslim communities as such because of the fact of history of conflicts between the two religions and the rising hyped of bad media. People will be alarmed.

For me, traveling to a new place is for purposely just for adventure and pure pleasure. It had always been my drive to experience something new but the people around me trying to say things like “No, don’t go there! It’s not safe!” Makes me wonder and try not to pursue my plans.

I do listen to them, my friends, relatives, officemates especially the parents. Coming from an Asian culture, listening to your elders qualifies as a sign of respect.

Eventhough, I have fears of following my intuition. When it’s about time to do what I have to do. I would go and take a jump.

I packed my bags, booked a flight and just fly for the first time to a muslim country.

I was surprised at the airport I already felt safe, I’m welcomed. My uber driver is a muslim, he took me to my hotel without any problems of kidnapping and raping me.

I even met a Pakistani friend who is a muslim and solo traveler as well. We ate and traveled together I guess you can call that “Improptu Joined Travel” in which never in my life, I would go easily with a stranger. I honestly, don’t know him.

I freely, went with him to visit the mosque and even had to wear scarf and be all covered up, just to pay respect to Allah. Their almighty one!

Had I not traveled to a muslim country. I wouldn’t be more open-minded and aware that we are all human. We eat, sleep, work and care for our own families. We are all the same. We are equal.

I just don’t get it. Why we even consider them as enemies, competitors, being indifferent because of faith?

I do blame the media. I really do! It’s not right. This would be a long story to cover or make judgements.

I hope someday I could write something more about this and visit other muslim countries.

I think their religion deserves more attention of positivity despite of the circumstances their facing now, in between wars and in the media.


Thank you for reading,

Live Happy and Stay Strong!

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When you are a local but never been to any touristy spots in your country

Traveling around the world is the new “It” trend now a days. A lot of people would like to explore and try new things outside their country because simply it seems quiet cool and a gateway of a new adventure of learning experience that can never be found in your country but reality check the more you go out and look for other places around the globe. You tend to forget exploring more of your own. Your own country, food and culture..In the different local cities and islands you’ve never been to.

Somehow, you can feel at lost and realize. I knew nothing much about my country, or I’ve never been to that part etc.,

Does anyone can relate?

I feel guilty too as well. I had a friend from London who visited me out of the blue in the Philippines and told me “I want to go and hiked at the top of Taal Volcano” h

Of course as a local. I do know the place very well but I’ve never been on top of that volcano ever nor I’ve never seen the lake around it upclose. How am I able to show it to him and tell him all about it?

Guilty as it seems. A slap on the face. I don’t even know why we even have this sense of drive that the other side of the continent is better? Better than our own?

Well, I have my own reasons about it and I’m pretty sure, you have your own reasons as well.

Nothing is perfect no right or wrong answer. We all wanted to go somewhere that makes us feel alive. No matter what it is.

But still your challenge is this. Your country first, before evwrything else.

Thank you for reading,

Live Happy and Stay Strong!

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How do you get creative when you are Vegan?

When you are a vegan, food hunting can be a challenge. It’s not like you can eat in any restaurants that you can see spot on.

The restaurants needs to have the right kind of food choices for your Vegan/Vegetarian liking like vegetables and fruits or simply no meat or any kind of poultry products in the menu being presented to you.

I was traveling around Manila during lunchtime and struggling to pick the right kind of restaurant for me to eat.

I chose the Bahn Mi Vietnamese resto at the 4th floor Gateway Mall because I knew Asian foods would always have vegetables on their menu but sad to say all the menu’s have inclusion of chicken, meat, pork etc., and only their sandwiches has veggies.

I didn’t want to eat sandwich, I wanted a rice meal for my lunch so what I did I requested the waiter:

  1. To not put the chicken on the rice meal I ordered, instead separate it in a different bowl.
  2. I ordered the tofu sandwich

And used the Tofu from the sandwich as a replacement for the chicken. So, voila! No harm done. I can eat the tofu heartily with rice meals.

Take Note: This is only applicable if your with friends or family because of course who is gonna eat the foods that you didn’t like to eat? This also could get costly for you if your eating solo.

Thank you for reading,

Live Happy and Stay Strong!

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Staycation at Zen Rooms. Does it really lived up to it’s name?

When you hear the word “Zen” usually what comes to your mind?

If you google and try to research on it. It will give you a lot of various meanings like “peace, self-awareness, mindfulness, minimalism etc.,

But honestly there’s no definite meaning. It’s your own personal relationship with your own mind. Your own thoughts, yours alone.

Minimalism was the first thing that comes to my mind when I stayed at Zen Rooms.

The room is dark, a few lights to turn on and as you can see in the picture I never edited the photo. I wanted my readers to see the actual original brightness of the room.

I never complained to the staff. Why is it so dark? They should add more lights. It’s inconvenient not to see much but I took this room as a positive side of the situation because nothing is perfect.

It’s minimal enough. It’s Zen for a purpose. For you to sleep, shower and be at peace. All people would want want that whether you are staying in a luxury accommodation or not. What matters most is for you to get to sleep well and be ready when tomorrow comes.

Thank you for reading,

Live Happy and Stay Strong!

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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Straws

What you do in small things, you do in big things…

I lived in a small city called Lucena, in the Southern Tagalog part of the Philippines. A few years back the government implemented no straws and plastics in any shopping mall or local stores in the city.

Now, I wouldn’t say it is being followed 100% by suppliers and consumers in my local city but infairness to shopping malls it is being implemented. It is where the place I usually go eat and shop.

Of course, as a consumer I get moody sometimes I could no longer asked for STRAWS in some restaurants or fast foods because of the policy. It’s not like, I don’t like the law. I just don’t like the inconvenience of just drinking straight from the glass, cups or etc.,

As a woman I have my own personal reasons like my lipstick will come off, it’s too cold, when it’s a takeaway you could easily drink while you are walking etc., I know it’s not much of a big deal of a complaint to be bothered but as I said earlier it’s my own PERSONAL reasons.

But good thing, thanks to my eco-friendly environmentalist, vegan people, activist, religious, esoteric groups and all other environmental communities from all over the world. Try to invent and find ways to be eco-friendly and minimal in helping saving our mother earth.

Bamboo straws are one of them. I’m finally on hazard free of complaints and there is a solution to everything.

It is a good lifestyle, a good cause, a game changer.

It’s not too late. We can still make a difference.

Thank you for reading,

Live Happy and Stay Strong!

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Artsy Vegan Restaurant in Lucena City

Lucena City is known to be the food hub districts of Quezon Province, Philippines.

Anywhere you go, each every corner of the city, you will find restaurants, cafe’s, canteens and street foods because Lucenahins just loved to eat and drink but of course every savory food comes with a price. Our diet is changing to a different level instead of being healthy, it goes the opposite way like gaining more weight, getting sick etc.,

Luckily, we have REASON’S to save us. It is the only pure vegan restaurant in Lucena that caters different kind of vegan foods from rice meals to pasta, pizza and burgers.

Kebab Rice (made from Veggie Meat)

Burger Steak (made froy Soy Meat)

Calamares (made from mushrooms)

Vegan Arrabbiata

Every food has it’s unique taste and quality plus it’s pretty cheap, it can go to P80-P300 depending on the meal of your choice. A true value for money indeed.

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if more food trippers and entrepreneurs embrace the vegan lifestyle anytime soon. Time to make a big shift Lucena. Let’s see!

Thank you for reading,

Live Happy and Stay Strong!

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A volcano in an island within a lake within an island within a lake

Had the opportunity to hiked one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. It’s beautiful geographical formation peaks a lot of interest to scientist, tourist and locals.

This beautiful small but terrible baby is located in the Philippines. And it is named Taal Volcano or Bulkang Taal by locals. Not far from Manila…

Private and group tour are very accessible and easy to find but the budget can be expensive because some tours charge a lot, so you need to know how to bargain quiet a bit.

Me and my friend from London. Didn’t join any group or private tour. We just did a DIY (Do it Yourself Tour) since I’m a local. I pretty much know where to go for cheap rate (Lucky him hehe 😊)

How to get there:

Just go to Talisay, Batangas and look for resorts that caters for a boat ride to Taal. I bargained for a price of P1,500 for only the 2 of us..Usually they charge P2,000 and above for boat, entrance fee, horseride etc.,

I suggest take the boat ride first and pay the other fees once your their on the island because you can decide whether to take the horse ride or trek on foot and if you can bargain to not pay the other fees. Good for you.

Boat ride is more like 25-30 mins depending on the current.

On the island you need to pay P200 for entrance fee. DENR fee P100 etc., Horseback is P500 back and forth

Me and my friend chose to horseback going up there and trek on foot going down. Well, no discount on horse if you choose not to go back and forth with it.

But I’m glad we took the horse cause it’s not an easy trek and very dusty. Quiet really far..

Long trek to the top

Enjoying the view on our a way to the top

No need to worry about the water or food you can buy a drink or snack along the way and on the peak of the volcano.

Finally here..Standing on the danger zone. You wouldn’t expect the cone of the volcano to still be a lake. No hot boiling lava but it’s definite that this is a very hot lake. You couldn’t swim on it.

Truly, Mother Nature bestows upon us the gift of life, the gift of nature..It is our job to take care of it.

Thank you for reading,

Now back to the safe zone!